Results after 2 weeks on the Juicing Cleanse
So I have officially done this for 2 full weeks now. It feels great to be able to say that I lasted this long! Even though I still have another 4 weeks to go, 2 feels like quite an amazing accomplishment. Whoever knows my history with diets.. this one is already probably the longest I have lasted on... and its definitely given me the best results by far!!

So in 2 weeks, I have lost 12.2 pounds! That is so amazing to me!! Makes me so happy and so motivated!! Also, I have lost quite a few inches over all.. I would guesstimate about 7 inches lost total (from all over the body).. I have the exact numbers written down, just don't wanna go get them right now.. lol.. 

Some other great results that I have had so far: My face cleared up! For a long while, I was really surprised at how clean my skin was on my face... very unusual. The last few days I did notice that more "imperfections" are showing up.. but I think that's due to my "deeper cleansing" kicking in... 

Also, before I started this cleanse, my hands were starting to become really dry. Now, they are absolutely perfectly moistened.. they feel as if they have lotion on them, but they do not. Also, I noticed that my skin and my body is overall way tighter. The flab that just hung on my arms and thighs.. no longer hangs there. It is actually very tight for the most part. Loving it!!. 

Another AMAZING result is the fact that physically I feel absolutely great!! So much better than before. I have plenty of energy and except for work being really stressful right now, I have a great attitude too ; ) Besides the numbers on the scale going down and feeling great, probably my favorite result this far is the fact that people are starting to compliment me. People are starting to notice that my arms are getting much thinner (that was 1 of my major problem areas ; ).. I love compliments, so this was a really big accomplishment for me... 

So as you can tell, I am a very happy camper. The 2 weeks have gone by really fast, and for the most part, very easy. Occasionally, I still long for the delicious food (right now its pizza calling my name).. but I just kinda try to think of something else, or drink my juice, and within a few minutes, the craving is gone. 

My sister Jenni is doing lots of great research on this cleanse, and keeps updating me (which I am very grateful for by the way). Anyway, she has come to the conclusion that I need to drink at least 64 ounces of juice per day for my body to "trust" me that I am not starving it and to be able to just relax and "let go" of all the extra fat and toxins that its holding on to in case its in a famine. I must be honest. I do NOT drink 64 ounces of juice. Even on days that I try really, really hard (like today) I still only managed to drink 48 ounces of juice. I don't know why its so hard : / But I will definitely keep trying. I want to get all the great results from this as I possibly can. Taking advantage of it. 

This morning I tried to make a lot of juice... but I only ended up with 48 ounces : / but better than my usual. And the juice was actually pleasant. I juiced a whole thing of Romain Lettuce, 4 celery stalks, about 2 handfuls of spinach, 3 long carrots, 1 yellow pepper, and 2 apples.

My goal was to fill this whole jar, that would have been 64 ounces. But as you can see, it didn't happen. But I will keep trying ; )

I had another 11 hour day at work today, but thank God it was not as stressful as the other days have been. After work we (my husband, our kids, and I) went grocery shopping. I bought some new stuff to try juicing.. trying to experiment a little more... hopefully it turns out good 
; )

On a happy note.. Jenni also told me that I am allowed 1 avocado and 1 banana per week. Do you know how happy that made me?? Probably not, and I don't blame you. So today I bought 1 avocado. That way I can't eat more than my allowed amount ; ) It was a small avocado, and I divided it into 3 parts. I sprinkled it with some salt and I bit into it. 

OMG!!! It was so amazingly delicious!! I just stood there moaning and groaning and enjoying it. That was the best food I've had in 2 full weeks!! I put the other parts into little 1/2 cup containers (lol, most of the container is empty) and i will eat it in the upcoming days.... 

I am a bit worried about the weekend. Weekends tend to be a bit harder in general, but this weekend my brother and his lovely wife came to town to visit. That means there will be lots of family gatherings with LOTS of food... So I know there will be lots of temptations.. but I know with the help of God and my support team (you know who you are people!!) I shall get through it just fine... hopefully ; )

Juicing Cleanse Stats:

Started Juicing: September 22, 2011
 Starting Weight: 192.0
Evening of Day 3: 190.2
Morning of Day 4: 187.6
Morning of Day 5: 188.0 WEIRD!!  
Morning of Day 6: 187.0 DOWN 5 POUNDS in 5 DAYS!!! 
Morning of Day 8: 184.4 Down 7 Pounds in 7 days!! 
Morning of Day 9: 183.4 Down 8.6 pounds in 8 days!! 
Morning of Day 10: 183.2Down 8.8 in 9 Days!! 
Morning of Day 11: Still 183.2 
Morning of Day 15 (2 full weeks done!): 179.8 Down 12.2 pounds!!
15 days done, 25 to go!!

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2 Responses
  1. Jenni Says:

    Yes you shall. I think your strong enough to resist all those temptations...
    Right :-/ Anyway, I think you should keep reminding your self that you have already invested 2 whole weeks into this. Do you you really want to flush it down the drain? I think not!

    Come on... You can do this! Your clothes is fitting so much better! And you are 12 pounds closer to looking better in that swimming suit this new year :o)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    im so proud of you lady!!
    if i got toto see you more often i would load you with compliments!!
    blessings, you can do this!!

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