1st Outing to a Restaurant AFTER my Juicing Cleanse
Well. I guess this is Thursday, huh? And Thursdays ARE my "official" weigh-in days. So I have to tell you what I weighed this morning, even though I really do not want to.

Yes, I gained weight. I know. Don't hate me. I'm already depressed about it.

From Sunday till Monday, we had a camp out at my sister Alyona's house.

As fun as it was (and it was VERY fun) deep down, I kept thinking.. "I'm gonna gain weight, I'm gonna gain weight". Why? Cause her house is full of goodies. And of course, I like goodies. So even though I tried to hold myself back and control what went into my mouth, I knew that I had "splurged" and would be paying for it.Come Tuesday, I get on the scale and what do I see? Numbers that I never wanted to see again. I saw 171.8 which meant that I had gained 2.2 additional pounds. Not good. Not good at all. 

So I have been trying harder these last few days. Eating more RAW, but eating less in general. Today, on my "official" weigh-in, I weighed in at 171.2. Still way higher than I want, but less than on Tuesday. Less is better in this case.

I have been really stressed out lately.I've been working on a super important presentation at work (my brain is like totally used up.. lol) but then when I get home, I still wanna have fun, so we end going to bed really late. Then getting up really early and the cycle continues. Plus, I am eating salty foods, so I am retaining water. I believe these also play a huge role in my weight gain.

But I am not giving up. Gonna keep trying.

Finally, my awesome friend Anna and I were able to go out on a lunch date. Haven't seen her in like forever. 

After a long discussion, we decided on going to Olive Garden.

I wanted to eat the "right" way, but still enjoy my very 1st outing to a restaurant. So, I got their unlimited salad
which was way awesome,
and 1/2 a Steak and Portobello Mushroom Pannini. The grilled sandwich was made from grilled sliced steak with balsamic onions, portobello mushrooms and asiago cheese with a sun-dried tomato and herb spread. 

That was an absolutely amazing meal! Tasted SO good AND it hit all the "spots", but yet, I did not have to feel guilty. It was a great outing. Anna is always such a pleasant person to be with. Love her positive outlook and her sweet kindness!

After my lunch date, I went back to work for a few more long, stressful hours.. then came home and am enjoying my family and just being able to relax. 

Hoping to lose weight and not gain it... that's the goal.
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4 Responses
  1. Jenni Says:

    Lol... This is more like a photo gallery then a diet blog ;o)

  2. Anna Says:

    Lol!! Jenni! I keep worrying that there's not enough pictures. I know people would much rather look at pix than read ; )

  3. Sweet Treats Says:

    Silly you, put a photo of me!! LOL

    it was my pleasure to take you out for lunch!! your a great person & friend Anna! I enjoy your company!!

    can you drink coffee yet? i really wanna go out for coffee with you!!!

  4. Anna Says:

    Anna, hope you don't mind me sticking in a picture of you ; ) I guess I shoulda asked 1st : / but it's a great picture : )

    And I enjoy your company! Love going out with you too!!

    As for coffee.. I can have some now : ) name a date & time!!

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