After Juicing Cleanse Update!!
This post was written Sunday, November 6th.. but I did not actually post it until today, Wednesday November the 9th...

I guess it's time for a much needed update. It's always a surprise to me when people contact me and actually ask for an update since I haven't blogged for a few days. That's really nice. I didn't know that many people cared or read my blog. So it's a great surprise, motivates me to try just a bit harder so that when I do update, I won't disappoint or gross people out. Lol

So now for the update. It has now been 5 whole days since I have been eating. I would say about 85% - 90% of it has been RAW. Either fruits, veggies, or salads. I started adding some regular food back in, such as smoked Salmon (this has been the food I absolutely crave the most!!), chicken, had an egg yesterday, and every once in awhile, if someone is eating something yummy, but not so healthy, I'll sneak a small taste of it. 

 This fish was SO AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!!! It lasted me a few days (don't worry, I shared).. and I was very, very sad when it was all gone.

For the most part, even though my conscience seems to always feel guilty, I'd say that I am doing quite well. Not as well as I should be, but well enough I guess. This 1st week of food, I kinda let myself go enjoy and the foods that I've been missing (in moderation). I have been swollen a lot due to the amount of fish that I have been eating (makes me drink lots of water cause of the salt).

My last weigh in was yesterday. I was scared. I was sure the results on the scale were gonna make me depressed, but I was quite surprised to see 169.6 on it. If any of you remember (I didn't, had to go look it up) the lowest weight I got to during my fast/cleanse was 163.8 and that was right when I was done with my 10 days of water fasting. As soon as I started drinking broth/juice again, my weight started going up (which was expected, but unpleasant). When my full 40 days of juicing were over, I weighed in at 168.0 (which was a 4.2 pound gain since the water fast).

Since my 40 days were done and over with and I have been eating for 5 days, I only gained 1.6 pounds back!!! That is such an amazing, pleasant surprise to me!! For some reason, I thought I was gaining so much weight back and becoming quite depressed about it. But now that I figured out my numbers, I am very happy. Yes, I know that I have gained and not lost, but that was to be expected the 1st week back to eating.. And that's with me letting myself indulge in yumminess that I have missed.

Come Monday (tomorrow) I wanna have more of a "set" plan of how/what I will be eating. Gonna try to figure that out today and go do some food shopping.

We've spent a lot of time with Valik and Jenni Rudd this weekend. Not only was it lots of fun, but it has been very helpful too. They are done juicing also and are onto RAW food now, so talking to them, eating some of their RAW yumminess has giving me quite a lot of great ideas and support as to what I can make and actually enjoy... Without feeling guilty!!

Valik has been posting some great recipes/videos that are really helpful to watch, so make sure you check out his website

I hope to be able to update a little more often and with some weight loss numbers in the near future!! Thanks for your support and encouragement!!

By the way, for all of you who were wondering... Lol... I talked quite openly on here about my BM issues.. The fact that I don't usually "go". Well, I am VERY happy to report: since I have been back on food this week, I have gone every single day!! Easily!! Abundantly!! And like on a schedule. It has been so great not to feel clogged or have to figure out what kind of laxative I should take. I think this is really due to the fact that I cleaned out nicely during my fast/cleanse and also to the fact that I am eating so much raw fiber. This has been one of the best benefits! I am so thankful!!!!

I also want to add that before my juicing fast, I got headaches/migraines CONSTANTLY. I had several severe ones per week. I took lots of Tylenol & Excedrin. Well, during my fast, I only  had a few minor headaches due to detox and stuff. Since I have been done juicing, I have had to take Tylenol 2 times. I know, I was shocked that my head hurt, but it did. I tried to hold off of the pain pills.. but finally gave in. I am really hoping that my headaches will not come back. But I can't be sure about that. 

I am still avoiding all caffeine. I used to be an addict. The last week we have been going to bed SUPER late and getting up SUPER early, and still I am able to function absolutely perfect without any caffeine. That to me is super duper awesome!! To be honest, I do miss the taste of coffee (with lots of cream), but I am too afraid to give in and have even a sip. I do NOT want to rely on caffeine again. That was very annoying before.

So far, everything is going great!!
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