Post Juice Cleanse Update
So. Eating is not as exciting as it seemed when I couldn't do it. But isn't that how it always is? We always want what we can't have. The grass is greener on the other side.. you get what I'm saying. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to be done with my juicing faze.. 

I'm not quite sure what to eat. I am supposed to be on a Raw Diet for a few days. That's not working out so well for me (I keep sneaking in regular food)

 Last night, for dessert, I made myself a yummy smoothie. It was good, but the kids ate most of it... lol..

 I ate apples, bananas, peas, carrots, that sort of thing. But non of it was hitting THE spot. You know? Like, I was full, but I was still yearning for something at the same time. I hate that feeling. So my husband, being as awesome as he is : ) Went and did some grocery shopping, then came home and prepared everything I needed for some raw burritos/tacos that I was gonna copy from  Valik. I wasn't too excited (I mean, its just a bunch of raw veggies)... but to my great surprise, the burritos turned out to taste REALLY good!! That made me happy.

He chopped up all the necessary ingredients (you can get the list off Valik's page) 

Then we piled it all onto a lettuce leaf

and topped it with some taco sauce

I think this will be something that I will have again... and again... and again... BUT next time, I WILL leave out the zucchini. For some reason, I am just really not liking the zucchini at this point in time. Not sure what it is... but you can always play around with the ingredients...

At work today... I snuck in some good food. I mean, really, really good food. I bummed some Thai food from Monica.. it was just a few small pieces of chicken and some really spicy veggies, but boy, it was so delicious!!! Made me real happy (a little worried, cause I'm not sure what my stomach can take at this point in time).. then, right before lunch ended.. Cassie shared a cookie with me. I haven't had a cookie, or anything close to a cookie, in OVER 40 days. It too was a very delicious treat!! Great lunch today!!

For dinner we had some more raw burritos. All of us were eating them. I had it all set up and ready for each child, and my youngest looked at it and said "Mama, how do we eat this?" It was such a "true" question. I just laughed and told him we would just have to figure it out. It went ok. They all go it down, even said how good it was. But none of the boys asked for seconds.. lol...

After dinner, they all sat down to enjoy some ice cream. We haven't had ice cream in a really long time. Its the cheap brand from Walmart, but it had great ingredients in it. 

My 6 year old said that I could have the ice cream seeing how it is not cooked, thus it is raw, and I am on a raw diet right now. I love the way kids think. I consulted with Jenni of course, and she said that I could try just a little, and if I feel fine, then I am good to go. Well, I had a little. Man! It was amazing ice cream! It was so nice to be able to sit there and actually enjoy food with my family again. I've missed that.

I am really worried/depressed about gaining the weight back. Every time I have tried a diet, as soon as I was off, I would gain the weight back plus some. So I am really worried this time. Tomorrow will be my 1st weigh in since starting to eat real food. I am freaking out about it, but I am sure hoping I will be pleased with what I see.

I will just have to monitor my weight and as soon as it goes up or stalls for too long, I will definitely have to evaluate what I am doing.

I will leave you now with my most recent pictures. I hope I never gain the weight back, cause I am really enjoying being "skinny"..

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3 Responses
  1. Larissa Says:

    You look really NICE!!!

  2. Sweet Treats Says:

    love your photos, you look good!
    keep it up!
    and the burritos look yummy! something i would enjoy!

  3. Jenni Says:

    Um... So what happens next? What have you been eating? What are the health benefits have you noticed upon the completion of your fast? Don't just leave us hanging here with all these questions ;o)

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