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Well, it is Sunday morning, and I have just a little bit of time to get some of my "thoughts" down on "paper".. lol...

Starting Friday morning, I have been eating absolutely horribly. I mean, its all been very delicious, but 100% unRAW. And do you know how I have been feeling? Physically, really crappy. I'll go into some details soon.

Friday we had Rocket Bakery pastries brought to work for all of our employees. I have not had pastries in probably 2 months now, so I decided to give it a try. I ate a chocolate/oatmeal no bake cookie. 
 I borrowed this picture from here:
It was really good, and I want to think that it was one of the healthier choices. After finishing that up, I started to feel really weird. Like really tired and lethargic. Very gross feeling. I knew it was from carbs 1st thing in the morning.

For lunch we had Red Lion BBQ cater our Thanksgiving lunch. They served us Caesar Salad, Au Gratin Potatoes, BBQ Baked Beans, Chicken, and Ribs. OMG!! Let me be the 1st to say how absolutely amazing the food was!! All of it was just great!! 

Here's the thing though, after we all happily stuffed ourselves like turkeys, we walked around the dealership like 1/2 asleep, worn out employees. None of us had any energy. I knew why, and I did NOT like the feeling. Its cause all of the food is cooked and processed and lacking vitamins and nutrients. Yes, it tasted really good, but it was not good for my body. It was way too many carbs. All my energy went to digesting all this food, and left no extra for anything else.

~Our Date (my 1st coffee in like 2 months)~
Saturday, my husband and I went out for a "Day Long" date. It was a very nice, relaxing day, spent very pleasantly. I've been wanting some coffee, just to see if I still like it and to see how it made me feel. So we went to Starbucks and took advantage of their "Buy one, get one free" (Holiday drinks only). Vlad got a Peppermint Mocha (he really liked it) and I got an Eggnog Latte. I enjoyed mine, but his was a bit sweeter, thus was just a bit better taste wise. 

 After hanging out and going shopping and just spending time together, we went to Sushi Maru in the Riverside Mall. Again, we both really liked it. 

 It was a fun setting, and yummy food. BUT I was not feel very well. I felt VERY bloated and uncomfortable, so I actually ate very little sushi (even though I've been wanting it for so long). 

Later on that evening, I seriously had to run to the bathroom like 3 times. It was very uncomfortable and painful, whatever was going on in my stomach. I guess my body did NOT want the coffee in me and was trying to get rid of it as fast as possible. Ouch. 

So I guess that was a good lesson to learn. My body doesn't want coffee anymore? Maybe its just the Starbucks one.. I also don't want to be addicted to coffee again though, so I am ok with just having 1 cup or so every once in a while.. maybe on some special occasions (yes Anna, dates with you are special occasions, so I will happily enjoy a cup of coffee with you  

... the cleansing effect wasn't all bad..  I mean, I did feel really clean afterwards.. lol

I noticed something though. After being overloaded by such unhealthy, unraw food for the last few days, I am starting to feel very blah again. Just like I used to before I did my juicing cleanse. I actually told my husband and Jenni that THIS feeling is why I was so addicted to coffee and on so many supplements. This feeling is so disgusting, that I just pretty much tried everything to get rid of it. I am shocked to now understand that it was caused by the food I chose to eat. I am so happy to know that now and to be able to fix myself just by eating raw. What a concept. I am very excited!

You know what though? I am actually REALLY, REALLY missing my RAW food. I am craving it and longing for it. I am now going to go make my RAW shopping list and go grocery shopping. I want to feel great again, and I feel great when I eat RAW.

This is such an awesome, exciting discovery for me. Anyone want to join me in eating RAW?
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  1. Sweet Treats Says:

    aww Anna you look so cute with your Starbucks coffee!! and i love the scarf your wearing!
    i think you didnt feel to good after the coffee because it was too sweet...if my coffee is too sweet i feel blahh too...and what size did you have? to much coffee isnt good too..

    lets go out for coffee on your lunch break probably the week after thanksgiving? and Alyona can join too.

  2. Anna Says:

    Anna, actually, my coffee was barely sweet at all.. I was just a tad bit disappointed cause Vlad's tasted better (sweeter ; ) than mine. I got a Venti of course.. Lol. 1 regular shot, 1 decaf shot.

    The week after Thanksgiving, I'm up for a coffee date.. For sure : )
    When we set a date/time, I'll let Alyona know so she can make babysitting arrangements : )

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